Neurological Integration System

NIS – Treating CAUSES at CELL level… How?…

To truly treat causes, you need to start with the building block of life – the human cell.

Each part of the human body is made of cells. We have about 100 trillions cells, with more than 200 ‘types’ of cells in the human body.

Each cell has an important part to play, and just like parts of your car engine, no matter how insignificant on its own, it is a small part of an important process. And together each process is what makes the engine run.

Imagine your brain is like the mechanic, constantly monitoring and ‘tweaking’ parts of the engine to ensure it continues to run smoothly. Your brain is continuously sending signals to each cell in your body, ‘tweaking’ its message to ensure the cell continues to do its job.

However, sometimes the signal from the brain doesn’t reach the intended cell. Without the correct information from the brain, the cell may no longer be able to do its job.

And just like your car, if one part of the engine is no longer able to do its job properly other parts are also affected.The car may still be running, but over time you will start to notice that it isn’t running as well as usual, as well as it should be.

The same is true for your body - if just one cell isn’t functioning, then one area of the body won’t be able to operate to optimum. You probably wont notice it at first, but eventually you will start to experience the symptoms that tell you something isn’t functioning to optimum level.

Symptoms become labels like: asthma, allergies, learning difficulties, chronic fatigue etc… the list is endless.

With NIS we use a treatment method to identify which signals are not getting through to particular parts of your physiology (body) and the cell. Our unique approach means we are able to get the signal restored, allowing the brain to once again go about its job of monitoring and ‘tweaking’ its message to each cell. Once the cell is again receiving the information, health will be restored. So just like your car, now that all parts of the engine are operating as they should the car runs smoothly!

ONLY by addressing your health at this depth will you be able to experience long term sustainable results!


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