JMT Technique

What is JMT™? 

JMT™, or Jaffe-Mellor Technique, is a revolutionary new way to significantly reduce the pain and and in many cases completely resolve all symptoms associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromylagia, and skin conditions. JMT uses applied kinesiology and acupuncture or acupressure to address the source of these debilitating conditions.  The Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT) includes an advanced muscle testing method, desensitization, deactivation, intervention, and acupressure.

Treating Osteoarthritis Using JMT™ Demonstrates Marked Pain Relief In As Little As 5-8 Treatments

The Reasearchers and Founders of The JMT Technique

Carolyn Jaffe, D.Ac., Dipl. NCCA is a board certified doctor of acupuncture and a doctoral candidate in Naturopathy with certifications in iridology, herbology, kinesiology, hypnotherapy, allergy elimination, intuitive healing, NLP, enzyme therapy, non-force manipulation, and a multitude of other techniques.

Judy Mellor, RN, is a doctoral candidate in nutrition and has twenty-five years of western medicine experience as a critical care nurse. She is a certified Oriental medical herbalist with certifications in numerous other modalities.

Jaffee and Mellor are co-founders of the Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT). Their combined training and backgrounds includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and French acupuncture, Oriental and Western herbology, iridology, homeopathy, naturopathy, biological terrain assessment, hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiff, TBM, EAV dermal testing, enzyme therapy, non-manipulative skeletal re-alignment, nutrition, massage therapy, and psychological counseling.

 The Jaffe-Mellor Technique - JMT™ A Powerful New Form Of Energetic Medicine

Provides Real And Lasting Relief For Chronic Degenerative Diseases

by Carolyn Jaffe, D.Ac., Ph.D. (c), C.Ht.

The Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT™) successfully provides help to people struggling with chronic degenerative disorders such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, interstitial cystitis, Crohn's disease, colitis, Lyme disease, scleroderma, multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating diseases, immune mediated thyroid disease, trauma related pain disorders, and allergies resulting from adverse reactions to foods, inhalants, contactants, and drugs.

Health disorders that last "forever".

     How interesting, that in youth we gathered around the campfire and dreamed dreams of greatness. Years dragged lazily by, we chose mates, and settled down to raise our children. Once the kids were tucked in, and the lights were turned down low, we tiptoed down the stairs to join our friends and talked proudly of our children; their college educations, orthodontia bills, and other family needs. Once the children were grown and living on their own, it was common to gather around the coffee table with friends and talk about our aches and pains and the concerns we all had about contracting some serious illnesses, drug side effects, the results of medical tests, and how we would keep up with the escalating cost of insurance premiums. What a picture this paints. While every generation faces new problems, the health challenges become inevitably greater as we age. No doubt this is because with each passing day, we are exposed to more insults that compromise our health: food additives and colorings, hormones and antibiotic-adultered meats and dairy, air and noise pollution, prescription and over the counter drugs, minimal exercise, sleep deprivation, and of course increased stress, just to name a few.

     Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, CFIDS, interstitial cystitis, lupus, Crohn's, colitis, Lyme disease, scleroderma, multiple sclerosis and other immune mediated neurologic diseases, immune mediated thyroid disease, asthma and allergies are accepted as lingering health disorders that require dependency upon drugs for any kind of relief, but never quite resolve anything. These and other related conditions are disorders that make us shake in our shoes. We're scared because we know these are not just temporary challenges to our health like a bout with the flu that's bound to pass, or a broken toe that will certainly heal in time. These are diseases that do not run their course in a reasonable period of time and leave us in peace. These are diseases that alter the course of our lives and the way we live, and often leave us in pieces. It would of course be unfair to blame everything on the outside world as the culprits for creating mass chaos on the inside of us. There is the reality of genetic pre-disposition passed down to us from preceding generations in the form of miasms. Inheritances, we wished we would not have been willed to inherit, but nonetheless, add to our inherent weaknesses. These miasms, along with the numerous factors that make us more vulnerable as we grow older, leave us candidate for still other factors from the outside world that threaten the tranquility of good health.

The Incredible Immune System

     Like an old friend that can be depended upon through thick and thin, our immune system constantly stands vigil defending us against any perceived enemy. However, in certain health conditions, like the "autoimmune disorders" the immune system, the very system that exists for the sole purpose of protecting us, becomes hijacked to work against us. Threats to our health from outside our bodies, in the form of viruses and bacteria, can often be defended by proper hygiene, avoidance of dangerous circumstances, and making wise choices. But threats that linger on the inside are still another matter. How do you defend yourself against your own defenses? Compromise of the normal regulation of the immune system is a fundamental feature of chronic degenerative diseases. This is a complex subject, but one that can be explained by looking with new eyes. The reader will be rewarded with a new understanding of these all too common maladies - and by considering a new pathway to wellness that is both safe and effective.

     Our body is like a microcosm of the universe, with its vast varieties of materials and energies. The greater part of the planet earth is actually made up of inanimate materials like water, soil, and rock. But there are other things as well that inhabit this planet, that are very animated, like plants and animals. All living things have a body that is comprised of a quantity of inanimate materials that occupy some volume of space and some sort of force, and of energy that brings that mass to life. Religious leaders refer to that force as spirit; the founders of Oriental medicine call it qi. Philosophies may differ on what the nature of that life force is; but there does not seem to be a good argument against the fact that it does indeed exist. From the moment of conception to the moment of death all living things are involved in a struggle for survival. It is a struggle against the physical forces of nature, and the effects of time. It is also a struggle against other life forms that would arrest the matter and energy of another living things to support their own requirements for survival.

     The immune system of humans and animals is a vast and complex detection system comprised of specialized white blood cells, lymph glands, spleen, appendix, tonsils, and the portions of the nervous system and endocrine system that control the function of these specialized cells. When unwanted substances, even microorganisms, manage to get past the barriers that separate our internal and external environments, it is our immune system that perceives their presence in the body and targets these foreign offenders for annihilation. The immune system has a very powerful arsenal. Some cells of the immune system have the job of engulfing and liquefying invading organisms, while other cells produce chemicals such as immunoglobulins or antibodies, that damage invaders, or neutralize chemical toxins the foreign invaders produce. Some white blood cells release tiny packets of enzymes so powerful they literally bore holes in the membranes of virus-infected cells causing those cells to bleed themselves to death.

When The Immune System Is Confused You Can Bet Problems Will Begin

     From the above description of the physiological barriers and the immune system defenses that are programmed to regulate our inner environment, it would seem reasonable to believe we would be safe from the dangers lurking in the outside environment. Unfortunately reason does not guarantee absolute protection against the many existing dangers that hang around us. There are microorganisms that are able to survive our defenses. Fortunately, some of these microorganisms work cooperatively with us, like lactobacillus, and acidophilus, the "friendly flora" that live on our skin, mucous membranes, and in our intestines, and are unable to cause disease in and of themselves, yet perform a vital function by competing with dangerous microorganisms, like e-coli, which could be detrimental to our health if their numbers grew out of control. While we have friendly flora that help in the defense effort, there are some microorganisms that survive our defenses and do cause disease because the byproducts of their metabolic processes poison, intoxicate, or destroy the cells within us. In the event our defenses are too low to fight off the effects of the harmful organisms, synthetic drugs and extracts from medicinal plants may be required to assist in protecting us.

     There are other microorganisms living in our body that don't produce toxins capable of significantly damaging our tissues, or even compromising essential body functions, yet, they cause confusion and chaos in our immune system which results in malfunction. So, chaos and confusion in such a powerful system is very, very dangerous. If the weapons of the immune system should become misdirected, they could wind up targeting our body's own tissues, with the prospect of creating terrible consequences.

Confusion in the Immune System

     "Autoimmune" is a term that suggests the body turns on itself without reason, and attacks its own tissues. Imagine if you will, that this theory is wrong, and that what is actually happening is, microorganisms residing perhaps in the tissues in and around joints, or living in the tissues that make up the nervous system, or in the tissues of the digestive system, or in the endocrine system, or harbored in connective tissue, and so on, are surviving the defense actions of the immune system. These "stealth pathogens" have the ability to work incognito and camouflage themselves, because the chemical structure of their cell wall is unfamiliar to the immune system. Instead of destroying the foreign invader, the defense cells of the immune system get agitated and initiate a misdirected attack on the body itself. The same arsenal of immune system mediators and destructive chemicals that should be targeting these "stealth pathogens", are erroneously taking aim at the wrong time, and thing and ultimately damaging and killing our own cells and tissues.

     Imagine the consequences of an unregulated immune system that targets unrelenting attacks in the nervous system for instance. These attacks will undoubtedly damage the cells that are most exposed to such activity, like the Schwann cells that cover and insulate nerve fibers. Scientifically, damaged Schwann cells result in diseases like multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating conditions. When the chaotic immune system activity occurs in and around the synovial joint, it causes inflammation and pain that, over time will result in the breakdown of the cartilage and other connective tissues resulting in arthritic conditions. When unregulated immune system action is targeted at tissues of the digestive tract the resulting inflammation will cause gut permeability and a weakness in the mucosal membrane that allows all sorts of toxic materials to leak out and be absorbed into the body. Repeated attempts by the immune system at destroying the stealth pathogens prove futile, and only contribute to compromising the integrity of the gut membrane with each repeated attack. Eventually, the mucous membrane of the gut is so damaged, that surgery must be implemented to remove necrotic portions as a last resort.

     These examples support the premise that this is exactly what occurs in the bodies of patients suffering from many chronic degenerative diseases. The nature of the patient's disease is primarily determined by the preference these pathogens have for one area of the body over another, and the appearance of the disease follows the destruction of cells in the area attacked by the immune system. Typically the progression of such autoimmune mediated degenerative diseases is slow and deliberate, causing much suffering and imposing unwanted changes and limitations in the lifestyle of the one struggling with the disorder.

The Conventional Medicine Approach to Chronic, Degenerative Diseases

     Arthritis, Crohn's, lupus, MS and other diseases, as distinct as they are from one another in the way they manifest, are addressed by conventional allopathic medicine in much the same way across the board. Conventionally, physicians treat nearly all of these disorders with synthetic drugs that for the most part suppress immune system function. These drugs are commonly prescribed in a three-tier approach starting with (NSAIDS) non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, then (DMARDS), the disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs when the NSAIDS fail, and finally the experimental drugs, some of which include anti-cancer drugs like Methotrexate, which is cytotoxic and acts as an immunosuppressant. In cases of arthritis, surgery is often used to repair, or replace damaged joints. Surgery is also used to either repair or remove portions of the digestive system when tissues have experienced extreme damage resulting from immune system attacks. Drugs and surgery will be implemented in almost every chronic degenerative disease, and while all of these treatments have very serious risks associated with their use, the risks of these treatments are usually less than the risks of allowing the condition to progress unrestrained. Nonetheless, the world needs a better solution to these debilitating problems than toxic drugs, or dangerous surgeries.

There Is A Way To Stop These Unregulated Immune System Attacks On The Body

     There is an alternative way of intervening clinically in these compromised conditions with treatments that are safe and effective and, it is possible to provide patients with treatment that can maneuver the immune system away from the errors of unregulated function, and stop the attacks on the body's tissues. It would mean the primary cause of the ongoing disorder would be eliminated, and the immune system could return to its essential function as protector, rather than persecutor of the body it is part of. The new method of health care called JMT™ treatment does just that. JMT™ is able to restore the normal control systems the body uses to maintain health.

The Symbiotic Relationship Between the Nervous System and the Immune System

     Since the nervous system has the ability to communicate with all parts of the body, and because the immune system is on patrol throughout the entirety of the body, it is reasonable to assume the nervous system plays a major role in governing over the activity of the immune system. This is further confirmed by the research of a new breed of medical detectives in the field of psychoneuroimmunology who have come to recognize the interaction between the immune system and the nervous system. For instance, it is only recently that certain cells were discovered to have neurotransmitter receptors. This discovery has provided the evidence needed to support the certainty that the nervous system acts as a primary player in the regulation of immune system activity. What makes the nervous system unique from any other bodily tissues is the way it has been designed to adapt to change in response to signals from the external environment. Incredibly, the nervous system actually transforms itself structurally in response to the flowing in of data fragments along nerve pathways. The nervous system modifies the synaptic connections in response to these data fragments, thereby changing both its own structure and its function based on its experience. In this way it is very much like a computer. So, the nervous system, like the computer, can be physically altered by the data input over its sensory pathways. Because the nervous system has the ability to change, its function can be modified. To return the body to normal function without using harmful drugs or dangerous invasive techniques is the ongoing objective of every practitioner embracing the tenets of some form of energy medicine. The quantum leap to achieving this goal is accomplished by verbally inputting corrective information along the sensory pathways of the nervous system and then reinforcing this modification by tapping along spinal segments.

Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT™) Is An Effective Method For Correcting Chronic Degenerative Diseases

     The Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT) is a form of energetic medicine developed for treatment of chronic degenerative diseases. The founders of this method are Carolyn Jaffe, D.Ac., Ph.D. (c) naturopathy, and Judy Mellor, R.N., Ph.D. (c) nutrition, both of whom have practiced acupuncture and alternative medicine in their offices in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania for many years. They made observations about the chronic diseases afflicting the patients who consulted with them, and developed hypotheses about the origin of these diseases. Jaffe and Mellor thought the theory that relates these chronic degenerative diseases to the influences of microorganisms in our immune system fit well with observations they made about patients suffering from these conditions. Jaffe and Mellor began their pursuit more than a decade ago working their way to develop a clinical protocol that would influence the course of such diseases. Dr. Jaffe discusses their pursuit of a safe and effective way to help patients with chronic degenerative diseases:

     "The founders of Oriental medicine recognized that many illnesses could be caused by pathogens and coined the umbrella term external pathogenic factor (EPF) for bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, mold, or any microorganism that invades the body. After years of research, my associate and I concluded that EPFs are the underlying cause of these chronic conditions, which relentlessly assaults the immune system resulting in pain and destruction of tissue. Our goal was to find a safe and effective way to neutralize pathogens without the use of drugs or ingestants, invasive therapies, surgery, allergy elimination, stringent dietary restrictions, topical applications, or cleanses. We observed and noted every similarity between patients who had a medical diagnosis of either osteo-, gouty, psoriatic, or rheumatoid arthritis. What we found was that there were very few similarities. Food intake for some patients was high in fat and sugar and low in vitamins and minerals, while in others the opposite was true. While age of onset varied, as did gender and demographics, there was no common link for the conditions.  After researching possible causes, we found specific pathogens that tested positive in almost every patient. Addressing the causative agent helped to stop a significantly high percentage of pain in almost every patient, without the need for drastic changes, and it also appeared to halt the progression of the diseases."

     "The basis of our JMT™ research is Darwin's evolutionary theory that links all living organisms-from protozoa to pigs. Although there are other variables, we considered the possibility that diseases, such as arthritis, might actually result from the presence of a microorganism residing in the host-one that is highly intelligent and adapts well to change. For the most part, natural selection is ignored in microorganisms that cause disease and primarily recognized in large organisms. Interestingly, the evolutionary change that occurs in disease organisms is brief when compared to larger organisms. They are able to mutate and adapt to a changing environment in days or weeks, rather than years or decades.  Unable to lay absolute blame on any one real cause for diseases such as arthritis, MS, lupus, scleroderma, myasthenia gravis, and fibromyalgia, the scientific community hypothesized that these disorders were resulting from an immune system gone wild and reacting against itself, while the nonconventional practitioners leaned toward theories suspicious of mercury toxicity caused by amalgams in the teeth, geopathic influences, poor drinking water, excessive sugar consumption, heavy metals, and parasites."

     "In an effort to kill the pathogen that insidiously sets up housekeeping in the body, the brain alerts the immune system to continuously attack all areas on or around the microbial colony, which, in the case of arthritis, includes the muscles, joints, cartilage, and bone tissue itself. The pattern of attacks becomes increasingly more intense, going deeper and wider, destroying the healthy tissue as it wages war on its enemy -- the pathogen. The outcome is inflammation in such excess that it creates swelling, heat, stiffness, and pain with pockets of white blood cells that can only be reduced by siphoning and steroids. This therapy is, at best, temporary for rheumatoid arthritis and threatening to the pathogen, which does the only intelligent thing that can be done -- re-colonize at still another new site. In the same manner, the osteoarthritic suffers with pain and stiffness from cartilage and bone tissue being worn away. The immune system constantly attacks unceasingly at the hidden invader, eating everything in its path.

JMT™ Treatment of Autoimmune Mediated Chronic Degenerative Diseases & MRT

      First, the patient completes an intake form that informs the practitioner about what symptoms they have, what treatments they have been exposed to, and the results of those treatments. The patient is then interviewed and examined by the doctor to determine if their condition involves the presence of external pathogenic factors or if there are other underlying causes leading to the disorder. Using muscle response testing (MRT), a unique form of Applied Kinesiology, which was first, introduced by Dr. George Goodheart, DC back in the early 1960's as a diagnostic tool, the tester is able to formulate some conclusions based on the testing. Many types of health care providers - acupuncturists, naturopaths, chiropractors, dentists, body workers, and even some more progressive medical doctors, use muscle testing as part of their examination. The MRT procedures developed by Jaffe and Mellor are distinct from all other styles of Applied Kinesiology because of a.) blind testing to validate the accuracy of the test, b.) a high level of specificity in the kind of question it can present to the body of the patient, and c.) the ability to frame very specific corrective instructions to the nervous system of the patient. As Jaffe and Mellor repeat so often during their seminar trainings, "If you want to be terrific, you have to be specific."

      In the MRT examination the practitioner observes changes in the strength of an isolated muscle against an established baseline. Typically, the anterior deltoid muscle of the patient's dominant arm is used as an indicator, however any muscle can be used. MRT testing is particularly helpful because it accesses the (ANS) autonomic nervous system, which operates on a subconscious level, and is involved in controlling every body function. Unlike the conscious mind, the ANS subconsciously influences the heart rate, digestion, dilation and contraction of the pupils of the eyes, etc. The uniqueness of MRT is that it can circumvent the conscious mind and disclose what is happening in the internal environment.

     Using the analogy of a television studio as our subconscious mind, we can select a channel, in much the same way that we might wish to investigate the various pathways of the autonomic nervous system and then fine tune it for clear reception by dictating certain queries that allow us to investigate internal functioning. The isolated testing muscle acts as a reception device in much the same way a television screen does, receiving bits of information to form a clear picture. So, MRT should not be thought of as some sort of mysterious magic trick; but simply as a type of conversation that takes place on a non-verbal level between the practitioner and the patient's subconscious - an exchange of information that is gathered without asking the patient. Ultimately, the practitioner is inputting information to the patient, which travels along the sensory pathways of the patient's nervous system. The patient's ANS evaluates the input data, and responds over its motor pathways with a reflex response in the selected muscle that will either exhibit no change and remain strong, or a clear temporary weakening that relays a yes/no, positive/negative response to the testing. The test has nothing to do with dexterity, but simply informs the practitioner about functional neurology.

It Is Not Necessary To Have A Specific Diagnosis Of A Chronic Degenerative Disease In Order To Be Helped By JMT™

      The pathogens responsible for agitating the immune system into an attack mode, like the ones in osteoarthritis can effectively be treated within a remarkably short period of time with JMT™. This is true in part because these microorganisms are not highly virulent. They can exist for years in the body before the cumulative damage resulting from immune system attacks does enough harm to warrant the medical diagnosis of osteoarthritis. Long before the cartilage is worn down to nothing, patients have symptoms. It often takes years however before they progress to the point where they fit accepted medical diagnostic criteria for osteoarthritis. This is true regarding all chronic degenerative diseases like fibromyalgia, Crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, etc. At the early stages of osteoarthritis, patients can easily be tested for the presence of pathogens, and can be assured of responding very quickly to treatment since the tissue damage these patients  have sustained is minimal.

      JMT™ treatment is safe, gentle, and extremely effective. Each step of the JMT™ technique requires evaluation (using MRT and appropriate questions) of the autonomic nervous system for glitches resulting in malfunction, and then removing the glitches by using a correction script. The use of gentle mechanical agitation along spinal segments together with special breathing patterns helps to reinforce the modifications. This consistently provokes the ANS to function optimally, initiating the body's inherent ability to heal. The pattern for these reprogramming scripts is similar, however, the uniqueness of the ANS discrepancies/glitches is exclusive to each patient and can be corrected immediately as each glitch is recognized. 


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